Fiber machine AS-G1530

Máy cắt Fiber AS-1325G/ 3015A

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 Máy cat Fiber (Căt kim loại)  AS-1325G/ 3015A

HM-G3015A  Fiber laser cutter introduction.

Model Feather:

1.  Gantry X axis mechanical structure, smooth and stable.

2.  Professional PA control system,precisely and simple power control.

3.  Whole machine driving by AC servo system, design for long term running and work load.

4.  Full cover the for the transmitting system, guaranty for lifetime running.

5.  Eco-friendly power saving, user-friendly system, space saving design.

 Aplication industry:

Metal cutting, metal artwork making, chase production.

Material: SS, MS, Galvanized steel etc HRS or CRS

  1. HM-G3015A Fiber laser cutter main parts and figure.



2. Machine running requirement


3Cutting CapabilityMax 500W



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1325G  Fiber machine AS-G1530
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